In my newest DVD, Beeswax Collage, I'll show you my favorite techniques using beeswax combined with collage. You’ll learn how to combine images, papers, wax transfers, fabrics, even metal and create three projects, all with beeswax! With simple supplies, you’ll be able to create pieces with of color and texture. First you'll learn the techniques in eight separate demos, then later you'll use those techniques to create three unique projects: cards, whimsical photo art and a framed collage.


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Viewer's reviews!
I got your Beeswax Collage dvd in the mail yesterday, and I LOVE IT!!! I ran out this afternoon to the craft store and bought myself a quilter's iron and a block of beeswax. Can't wait to start experimenting! - Nadine Buckinger

Got your dvd in the mail today and sat down and watched the whole thing! LOVED IT!!! Thanks so much for being such a great teacher that is willing to share your craft!! You're Awesome :) - Cathy Harris

In my second DVD, More Collage Textures & Techniques,you'll learn easy ways to create amazing backgrounds using old magazines, brass metal polish and a few other items! The techniques can be mixed and matched to create unlimited results -- and I show you how when I create a finished canvas collage. Sit in on a conversation with me when I have a little chat about art and creating!


Preview my Collage DVD!
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A viewer's review!
Hi Claudine, I have been a fan of your art for some time and own your first book. I purchased both your DVD's a week ago and they arrived in the mail on Tuesday, I had to watch both of them right away. By the time I got to the end of the second DVD my eyelids were propped open with match sticks (nearly) at 2am in the morning. I just wanted to say how fresh and fun your art is, truly unique and so inspiring.

I also wanted to say that I had a really crummy day the day your DVD's arrived, when I got to the 'Bloopers' and especially the 'puffy clouds' I was giggling along with you. What a great tonic, thank you. Looking forward to your new book and more of your wonderful art.
Karen (from New Zealand)

In my first DVD, Collage Textures & Techniques, you'll learn my favorite image transfer methods and background techniques that are perfect for enhancing collages, scrapbook page layouts, altered books and more! After you've mastered the techniques, I will then show you how to combine them in two different formats, an altered book and cigar box assemblage.

In both DVDs I share tips to make sure each technique is a sure fire success!


A viewer's review!
Hi Claudine, Just got through watching your DVD and cannot wait to get started. I love the idea of working on a canvas with the textures and techniques you are teaching. I have never really collaged anything, but the ideas and running through my head after watching the DVD! Just gotta get the books and the other DVD now. - Lenore Guajardo