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 OTT Lite: If I had one art appliance that I couldn't live without it would be my Ott Lite. Nothing compares the the color accuracy when mixing paint colors, matching papers and detail work! I have two in my studio!

 Indie Collective: shopping indie, made easy!

 Brian Jasinski: My good friend and amazing artist and designer. Brian designed my logo and look for me. Check him out!

 Sheri Gaynor: Creativity and business coach for artists, amazing! I love her, she has helped me so much!

 Illustration Mundo: the place where illustration gets all the love

 VistaPrint: great place to make your custom biz cards and address labels. I use them all the time!

 Art & Soul: A series of artist's conventions with workshops held around the USA

 Art Unraveled: An artist convention/retreat held in Phoenix AZ

 Copyright for Collage Artists: If you're making collage artwork, then you need to read the information on this web site! Explains it better than I ever could!