what's a poppet®?

I began creating the Poppet® artworks in 2002 after a long dry spell in my art making. I was stuck and wanted to try something new. After about a year of experimentation, and finally, a break through the creative block, I arrived at the Poppet® style of collage - click here to view a portfolio of Poppet® artworks.

I decided that these new works needed a name and I wanted the name to be a little silly and unusual.

My English grandmother used to use the word "poppet" as a term of endearment saying to me "don't worry little poppet everything is going to be OK." And since these artworks make me feel happy, safe and young -- the name fit perfectly.

This new way of working, beckoned me back into the creative process and the thrill of creating simply for fun. I hope that these artworks bring you the joy that they have brought to me!


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