Q: What is the difference between a sketch or canvas commission?
A: Sketches are semi-custom artworks created on watercolor paper and you a have a choice of two pre-formatted compositions, Canvases are created on archival stretched canvas and are fully customized artworks. Click here to learn more about the artwork formats available.

Q: How do I send you photos?
A: I accept emailed photos or snail mail photos. Whichever you prefer! Click here to learn which types of photos work best and for more details about sending your photos.

Q: I don't have a scanner. Can I send color copies instead?
A: YES! You can send high quality color copies. Just about any Kinko's or Office Supply store has color copy machines you can use.

Q: I waited too long to place my order and my friend's birthday is in one week. What are my options?
A:I have a few options available to help in just this kind of situation! First email me to check my schedule. I can create a custom magentic paper doll of your friend for you! These take only a week to turn around and are my quickest custom artwork option. Or you could send a gift certificate or an "on its way" certificate. Click here to learn about both certificate options!

Q: What type of framing do you include for sketch and canvas artworks?
A: No framing will be included. On the fully customized canvas artworks, the sides of the canvas are covered and painted so that it is ready to hang on your wall without the need of a frame. The semi-custom sketches will be shipped mounted to archival white board. The sketches are standard size (9x12) so it is easy to frame them yourself.

Q: How much can I expect to pay for shipping?
A: All US orders are a flat $10 for Fed Ex shipping no matter what size artwork you order! For International orders, a 9x12 canvas or a Sketch usually costs about $15 to send overseas via First Class International. Larger canvases (16x20 & 18x24) can be shipped for as little as $40 to most of Europe.

Q:What happens if I don't like the work once I receive it?
A:In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your artwork once you receive it, you will need to contact me within 3 days to arrange for a return. The artwork must be returned in it's original condition. I will refund your payment.

Q:I want my commission created for a gift. Will you wrap and ship it to another party?
A: YES! All custom artwork orders will arrive wrapped. I can ship your order to whomever you like at no extra charge. Another option is to send your recipient a gift certificate. Click here to learn more about gift certificates.

Q:I would love to have note cards created from my finished artwork can you do this for me?
A: YES! I am working with a card company who can create the cards for you. Click here to learn more

Q:How do you make these pieces? Are they done on the computer?
A: No, my Sketch, Canvas and Sitting Pretty Photo Sculptures are all created by hand. The only point a computer is used, is to produce the archival print from your photo.

Q:Do you make them in advance and then just stick different heads on when they are ordered?
A: No, my Sketch, Canvas and Sitting Pretty Photo Sculptures are completely custom made for you by me. No assembly lines here.

Q:I would love one of your artworks in 3-d. Do you have any sculptural options as custom pieces?
A:Yes! I can create a Sitting Pretty custom photo sculpture for your mantel or desktop! Click here to take a look.

Q:I would like to commission you to create an artwork, but I don't want it based on one of my relatives. May I still hire you to create a specific artwork(s) for me?
A:Yes you can! Please feel free to email your ideas to me. I'll let you know if I can create what you are looking for.

Q: How long will my commission take?
A: My fastest order option are the custom magentic paper dolls which I can turn around in just about a week. The Sketch, Canvas and Sitting Pretty Photo Sculptures artworks can take between 4 - 6 weeks to complete, because they are made completely by hand. The time frame depends greatly on how many other orders are ahead of yours in my calendar. When placing your order, please let me know when you would like your commission and I will do my best to fulfill your request!

Q:If you create a commission for me, can I reproduce it on merchandise for my business?
A: No, I am sorry, commissions are created for personal use only. No for profit reproductions are allowed. Please email me with any questions.

Q:I have a company and would like to hire you to do illustration work.
A: That's wonderful! I love to do illustration work! Please contact my illustration rep, Jennifer Vaughn and she'll get us started.

Q: I'm curious, what is a Poppet®?
A: Poppet® is the name I gave my style of artwork. Click here to read more about it.

If you have any additional questions about the commission process, please do not hesitate to email me! I will be more than happy to consult with you and discuss ideas for your artwork.